How do I change the requester on the Proposal?

An overview for changing a requester on a Proposal

Once a proposal is created, individual users will have the ability to adjust who the requestor is on a proposal to view that proposal within their Campaign Hub. Once a proposal is created, the requestor will default to the individual who is proposing. Please contact your account manager to add this user permission to your account. 

Article links:

  • Steps to adjust a requestor
  • If the user does not exist in the dropdown
  • If you are still having issues

Steps to adjust a requestor:

  1. Click on the "X" to remove the current requestor.
  2. Search for the requestor within the search widget.
  3. Attach the requestor to the proposal 
  4. Once the requestor is CHANGED, it saves the new requestor to the proposal, and you don't have to hit "Save" or "Finalize."


If the user does not exist in the dropdown:

  1. The user may not exist within our software application.
  2. If the user does not exist, create a new user and have them confirm the email.
  3. If the user does exist, the user has an active account, and resetting their password will enable the user to show in the dropdown.
    • The user needs to reset the password to access "Campaign Hub."

If you are still having issues:

You can reach AdCellerant Support:

These options will create a ticket inside our Resource Center to discuss how to troubleshoot your issue.