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Device ID (DID) Recommendations and Optimizations

For Device ID campaigns our main goal for these campaigns is foot attribution. This product is specifically designed to get our audience in the door of the business as opposed to a high click through rate.

  • Revise the target audience. If you have been targeting the same list of businesses for a long time, the people visiting these locations may have grown used to seeing the ads we're serving. It would be an excellent strategy to update these target locations every few months to serve to a new group of people who may also be interested in your product/service and would walk into your store (as the client).

  • Change the creatives every month to six weeks. If you have been serving the same creatives for an extended amount of time, the user is likely used to seeing these same ads and is fatigued with the old messaging. It's best practice to swap creatives every month to six weeks to keep the ad experience fresh for the user. Doing this will encourage people to visit your location as the client.

  • Add in your local neighborhood via zip code targeting. We can add local zip codes to your area that would target people in these zip codes. Doing this expands the potential for an interested person identified in these zip codes to see your ad and walk into your business's location.

  • Add locations to your target audience. Instead of fully revising your target audience with new locations, it's also a good strategy to add locations to the current list of location addresses you are targeting. Doing this adds to the overall device count (devices identified in these locations that are able to be targeted) of the audience which improves our reach and our ability to deliver impressions in full. It also allows us to target a fresh list of devices who were identified in these new locations along with targeting the old list of locations as well. This strategy also expands the potential for an interested person identified in these new target locations to see your ad and walk in to your business's location.

  • Check your creatives and your landing page. Are these sending the right message? Do they encourage people to walk in and visit your location? If not, it would be a good idea to update the Call To Action on your creatives to include something that says "Visit Us Today" or "Walk-Ins Welcome". Updating the ad and landing page message can go a long way to bringing people into your location as the client.