Best Practices for Achieving Clicks and High CTRs

Best Practices for Achieving Clicks and High CTRs

AdCellerant offers a .1% lifetime click guarantee on the following products:

  • Display Basic

  • Display Competitive

  • Display Dominant

For all products, including Display Basic, Display Competitive, and Display Dominant, campaigns running less than 30 days are categorized as short runs. Short-run campaigns do not qualify for our campaign click guarantee. Anything less than 30 days hinders our ability to implement the needed optimizations and strategy suggestions on underperforming campaigns. This is why we always recommend running for at least 3 months.

Our Ops team utilizes thorough optimization levers within the DSP to ensure campaigns meet or exceed the .1% click-through rate (CTR) guarantee. Here are our recommended best practices:

  • Rotate Ad Creatives Regularly:

    • Change creatives every 6 weeks to maintain audience engagement and freshness.

    • Incorporate deals, promotions, or seasonal sales in creatives to maximize impact.

    • Include clear and compelling Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to drive user interaction.

  • Utilize All Available Creative Sizes:

    • Utilizing various creative sizes expands bidding opportunities and improves campaign performance.

    • Enables our team to optimize towards the best-performing placements and maximize reach.

  • Update Targeting Segments:

    • Utilize behavioral and demographic segments to refine targeting.

    • Regularly adjust targeting parameters to align with campaign objectives and enhance performance.

  • Expand Geo-targeting:

    • Increase geographical targeting to reach specific audience segments more effectively.

    • Tailor campaigns to local preferences and market conditions for improved engagement.

  • Implement Retargeting Strategies:

    • Capture and re-engage users who have shown interest, thereby increasing conversion potential.

In cases where strategic optimizations are not available to improve CTR performance, our Operations team will prioritize impression delivery while waiving the click goal for underperforming campaigns. This ensures clients receive maximum exposure for their campaign.