What is a pixel and what are the benefits of using them?

A pixel is a piece of code that is placed within a website's code that allows the demand side platform (DSP) to collect information about actions that are taken on that website.

When the advertiser correctly places the pixel within their site, they unlock the ability to retarget site visitors and track conversion metrics that would otherwise be unavailable. Site Retargeting and Conversion Tracking have been shown to increase retention rates and improve the overall performance of digital marketing efforts.
Each advertiser in our DSP uses its own pixel to collect information specific to the client's site. Once the pixel is placed correctly on the website, this will collect the audience data based on the user's cookies.  As mentioned above, the data this pixel collects allows us to retarget visitors to the website. We can use this data to understand the behaviors and demographics of the users visiting the client's site. 

Within our DSP, these advertiser-specific pixels can only track conversions for that singular advertiser.  This is important when clients request to see reporting broken out in Ui.Marketing. 
What are the benefits of placing a pixel on the client's website?

When a pixel is placed correctly on the client's website, we can track conversions and include site retargeting for your campaign.


Conversions track general site activity.  After a user is delivered an ad, we can track site activity on specific pages (we can track up to five pages).  For example, we can use the "contact us" page as a conversion to track how many users viewed the "contact us" page after viewing and/or clicking on an ad running for your campaign.

Site Retargeting:

Site retargeting allows us to target users who have visited a client's website.  After a pixel is placed correctly on a website, we can track users who have been to the website and then target them with the ads running for our campaign.  Retargeting ads are designed to help advertisers reach users who did not convert immediately. These campaigns are effective because they allow advertisers to target engaged customers with highly relevant ads.