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Addressable Streaming TV

Our latest product for connected TV


Addressable Streaming TV combines the unbeatable brand awareness-building capabilities of advertising on large-screen, TV-sized devices with the efficiency of geo fence-targeting.

Maximize the ROI of your ad spend by targeting your Streaming TV ads where your ideal audience has been in the past, a custom list of addresses provided by the advertiser, interests, or demographics, all while showing your video ads during premium, professionally-produced


The assets needed to run this product will be the same as Streaming TV campaigns, as well as Device ID campaigns.

Video Assets Requirements:

  • Format: .MP4, .FLV, .WEBM, .MOV, .MPG, .MPEG
  • File Size: Recommended Maximum - 200 MB
  • Ad Formats: 16:9: 640x360 (minimum); 1920x1080 (recommended)

  • Length: 30 seconds (required); 5 seconds or 15 seconds can be accepted

Targeting Requirements:

  • Target Locations: We will need a list of these locations you're looking to target on the campaign. We will need exact business locations, avoiding suite numbers in multi-story buildings. The audience size should be around 80,000 devices
  • Back Geo: A geo is required to layer on top of the targeting audience. This should be the entire USA, State, or DMA level.
  • Business Address (Point of Interest): This will be the location we're pulling the final Foot Traffic Attribution report. 

As this product has a very curated audience, it's important we have a large enough audience in order to deliver planned impressions. The campaign managers will monitor closely for delivery issues and reach out if any optimizations are necessary. For this reason, we suggest larger lists of target audiences as well as partner communication should optimizations be necessary. 


Standard Trade Desk Video reporting is available in Ui.Marketing for Addressable Streaming TV campaigns. Learn More > 

For Addressable Streaming TV only, we are able to provide monthly Foot Traffic Attribution reports upon request. 

Example Results

We know that Streaming TV drives revenue, as evidenced by a campaign that we ran with a major Investment Group. They targeted a list of homeowners to encourage them to sell their homes at a discounted rate. After they launched their Addressable Streaming TV campaign, they saw a 55x return on ad spend and $140,000 in closed sales. Now, you can see Foot Traffic reports verifying the impact of your streaming campaign.