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Accessibility Widget Business Rules & Workflow

This article discusses the workflow and business rules for our Accessibility Widget product.

Business Rules

  • 3-month minimum

  • Billing begins when a script is sent

  • IOs submitted after the 21st of the month will be pushed to the following month for activation

  • Cancellations need to be submitted by the 20th of the month to cancel for that month – i.e. by June 20th for June 30th


To place the widget, we will need the following information about the client:

  • Website owner's full name (owner of the business)

  • Website owner's phone number

  • Website owner's email

  • Website URL


  1. Order is submitted within the Support Portal.
  2. We will respond within one business day to confirm receipt and that we have all the necessary information.
  3. If the order starts that month, we will respond within two business days with the script and installation instructions.
  4. If the order starts later, we will respond with the script and installation instructions on the start date. (We will also confirm in the ticket that we will send the script and instructions on the start date.)
  5. Partner/Client passes the script to the webmaster, and the webmaster installs the script.
         *Partner will specify in a ticket if we built the site or if we are actively managing
  6. Partner/Client will confirm that the script has been installed and is working properly.
  7. Partner/Client will let us know if there are any customization requests.